New Orleans | 24 hr. Travel Guide

Welcome to New Orleans. 

A city so rich in color, a city so rich in culture. 

It is a city worth exploring for sure, but it also makes for one heck of a pit stop. With less than 24 hours in the heart of the city, here is some of my must dos. 


If you hungry, New Orleans will offer you plethora of food. I mean there is so much to chose from, whatever you are craving, there is bound to be something to satisfy your appetite. I'm more of a hole in the wall kind of person, so when a friend recommended Napoleon house to me, I knew I had to try it out. 

* Napoleon House: Fact, we arrived in the city just in time to eat dinner before the streets filled up with live entertainment. We walked a couple of blocks from our hotel over to Napoleon House. It is the CUTEST place ever. I don't know if it was the light fixtures, the old wood or the gorgeous courtyard, but it was amazing. The food was yummy, everyone basically ordered something different from the menu, and everyone gave it two thumbs up. 
*Cafe Beignet: Naturally, when you're in New Orleans, dessert is non-negotiable, especially since it's home to Beignets. I knew immediately I was NOT going to take my family to Cafe Du Monde because the line was insane, and also, I just like Cafe Beignet better. The whole trip was worth it just to be able to see the expression on my dads face when he took a bite. It was legit. Also, it stormed while we were there enjoying our delicious treats, but we didn't care, we were being serenaded by sweet live jazz music. 

* Stanleys on the square: I will never forget the first time my husband and I visited Stanleys on the square and took a bite of the Bananas foster french toast. It was like an explosion of flavor and happiness. Since my parents were with us on this quick pit stop, I decided to wake my parents up super early the next day, and we snuck out of the hotel to go eat breakfast before the rush hour. I really wanted my parents to experience New Orleans the way my husband and I did back in 2015. I walked them up and down the streets until we ended up at Stanleys on the square. It's literally home to the best breakfast. 


Naturally, I'm more of a stay home in my pj's and read kind of person, but when we visit New Orleans, we really like going down Bourbon street, to hear the music, and feel the liveliness of the hustle and bustle. We like to go down there early so we can still make it back to our hotel at a reasonable hour. 

*Pat O'briens: There is a ton of places you can hop in and out of, but our favorite is Pat O'Briens. Honestly, they have on fo the funnest patios, and great service, and of course delicious drinks. I just like the vibes there, and when I get hungry, they have pretty yummy food. 


*Jackson Square: Need I say more? I love the live action artists located on the square, the jazz musicians, and of course the view of the Mississippi river. A great combination all in one. 

Let me know what your favorite places are to visit when you're in New Orleans. Until next time...