Marfa, TX | Travel Guide

Marfa, Tx is a true desert escape. The roads are long, but unmistakeably beautiful. If you've never traveled to West Texas, you are in for a treat. A true desert oasis awaits your arrival. A small town filled with so much culture and art, a small town that invites you to express yourself unapologetically, and just be.

Not only is this small town a mecca for Texans, but it has also garnished world fame, due to its Prada Marfa installation by artists, Elmgreen and Dragset, inviting so many from around the world to come see this marvel. The installation is planted about 30ish miles away from Marfa, past a small town called Valentine, and it is a real sight to behold.

Marfa is indeed a small town, one you can quickly get around with a bike, or better yet, those walking shoes. The streets are filled with the sweetest locals around, and they'll be the first to tell you that this quiet town shuts down the majority of the week. If you are new to the area, you MUST BE AWARE, that half of the town closes their doors from Mon-Thursday. The town really lights up Friday through Sunday, so if you are making plans to stay, make sure you are aware of the towns quaint little ways of doing things. Better yet, hit up the local grocery store, and arm yourself with treats, because you'll never know if a restaurant will be open or not. (Unless it's the weekend, in which case, indulge)

Where to Stay

Two words, El Cosmico. If we are honest here, the first time I came across this glorious place was on, yep, you guessed it, Instagram. When I saw the pictures of this fantastic campground, I immediately hit book. I cannot say enough good things about this place. I mean it is MAGICAL in every sense of the word, or what my friends would say, totally hipster. I don't care, it was to plainly put it, beautiful.

El Cosmico offers a variety of housing to choose from, Safari tents, Teepees, Yurts, Airstreamers, or you can opt out and directly set up your own tent on their camping ground. They have refreshingly clean outhouses, where you can do your business or shower and get cleaned up. It's basically a glorified summer camp, only WAY prettier, and the beds, wow, they were comfy! Yup, as in my safari tent had a queen size bed with a heated blanket. I'm telling you, we were living the good life.

All I wanted to do was lounge on the hammocks, taking in the tranquility this place had to offer. It was such an incredible experience. And the people, can we just stop and talk about the customer service? EXCEPTIONAL. We made so many new friends and took home a lot of beautiful memories. We can't wait to go back. Go book your stay, now!

Things to do

Granted we only spent about 48 glorious hours in this town, and we did SO much. My favorites? All things art related. From the incredible roadside installations to the beautiful architecture, um, hello like a pink fire station!

My husbands favorite? The quick trip we made up the road about 30 miles to Fort Davis and to Davis Mountains National Park. Also, a highlight for me, because who doesn't like to feel like they are on top of the world?

AND, the Mystery lights, because boy, were they mysterious, can someone please explain to me, how and what these lights are? Whatever the case, it was out of this world. (Pun intended)


Remember, depending on what day you arrive, some eateries may be closed. We arrived on a Sunday night and had Monday and Tuesday to figure out what to eat. Below is what we enjoyed.

*Marfa Burrito 
We ate breakfast burritos every single morning. They were delicious. I even came home and told my mom I cheated on her by eating someone else's burritos, they were that good, I felt guilty. 

*Bar Saint George
When it came down to dinner, the pickings were slim, luckily Bar Saint George had bar food, like burgers and pizza and they were SO good. In fact, we ordered to go and had a picnic underneath the mysterious lights. It was epic.

It was our last night, and after trying to call into a few other places to eat, they were all booked, so we decided to try Mando's. Their chicken flautas were good, but I especially loved the guacamole, oh and their queso with meat was delicious! 

*Fort Davis Drug Store & Hotel
On our back into Marfa from Davis Mountains National Park, we stopped to get a couple of milkshakes from this place. They were so good we decided to try their food, and I'm glad we did. Their onion rings were some of the best I ever had, and they hand bread and fry their chicken strips which were so juicy and flavorful, this instantly became one of my favorite treats of the trip. 

We honestly had the best time. It was so relaxing to get away from big city life, and a constant to do. We arrived with an open mind and a free itinerary so we could enjoy what this small town had to offer. We can't wait to come back. If you decide to venture out to this small town, know that it will be worth it. Let me know what your favorite places are. Until next time...

*Watch our Marfa, TX video, here on Instagram.