Hola friends!

It's me Cindy, your soon to be Latina bestie! I am so glad you are here! I am a multi-passionate creative, which means you'll find me making all the things, with a love for travelling and documenting life's beautiful moments. Everyday I strive to live an inspired and joyful life! 

Wellness, creativity, exploring, and family life are all huge passions of mine. I aim to be creative everyday, and my biggest obsession is documenting life through photos and videos (my daughter pretty much dominates my photo albums). You'll most likely find me with a sparkling water in my hands at all times (Topo Chico Lime is my go to) and probably watching true crime. 

Career wise, I'm a lucky art specialist by day, and I moonlight as an activist for the arts through my nonprofit, Creatives Unite by night. I am a believer in friendships and community and I can't wait to connect with you!

Tell me something about you, bestie?